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How Do I Choose the Right Chemical Peel for Me?

Chemical peels are a non-surgical alternative for achieving more youthful skin without having to go under the knife.

The technique is widely employed by doctors the world over for the purpose of addressing skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles, and unwanted freckles.

To help you pick out the most suitable chemical peel for you, you will first need to know what your options are. This means understanding what a chemical peel really is and how it works.

Chemical Peels

As the name suggests, a chemical peel involves the application of a special chemical solution to the target area on the skin. The chemicals in the peel react with the outer damaged surface of the skin and cause it to peel off over time. Fresh and healthy skin gradually emerges from beneath, giving your skin a youthful and blemish-free radiance.

How to Choose the Right Chemical Peel for You

Selecting the most suitable chemical peel typically means knowing which types of skin issues you are trying to address. While all chemical peels help in improving the overall texture and evenness of your skin, they largely vary in the type of problems they are designed to correct.

Chemical peels are generally categorized into three types depending on how deeply they penetrate your skin surface. Here is all you need to know about each of them.

Superficial Chemical Peels

The most common type of chemical peel is the superficial chemical peel, also known as a light or shallow chemical peel. These typically consist of mild alpha-hydroxy acids.

As the name suggests, these chemical peels do not penetrate very deeply into the skin layers. They mostly help in correcting more superficial problems such as flaking, rough texture, and dullness in tone.

Because these peels only focus on the top layer of the skin, they are quite gentle and have a very quick recovery time afterwards. They are ideal for first-time patients.

Medium Chemical Peels

The medium chemical peel is usually made of 15% to 35% trichloroacetic acid. It is often employed for the purpose of treating sun-damaged skin, fine wrinkles, superficial blisters, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues.

One of the most attractive features of medium chemical peels is that they help in correcting a large variety of skin problems with a comparatively short recovery time. These types of chemical peels are generally recommended for individuals with a darker skin tone.

Deep Chemical Peels

This type of chemical peel penetrates very deeply within the layers of the skin to deliver dramatic and long-lasting results. Since the deep chemical peels react strongly with the skin, they should be administered exclusively by trained physicians and medical practitioners who are proficient at handling any possible side effects.

Deep chemical peels such as the phenol peel are very effective in smoothing out coarse wrinkles, eliminating pre-cancerous growths, correcting deep acne scars, and more. Because they are so strong, they require more recovery time than weaker peels do.

Speak with a Board-Certified Medical Professional

The best way to decide on the right chemical peel for you is by speaking with Dr. Anita Mandal, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. She will be happy to examine your skin and recommend a peel that meets your needs and aesthetic goals. For a consultation with Dr. Mandal, contact our office today.

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