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"For the first time in my life, I do not have bags under my eyes. I am thrilled I am thrilled with the results..."

-LH, West Palm Beach

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Make Restylane Your Top Choice for Wrinkle Removal

The skin of the face is prone to developing a number of unwelcome signs of aging. Some of the most prominent age signs are lines and wrinkles. As these form and multiply, the overall appearance of the face looks older and more worn.

To smooth away wrinkles and facial folds, many patients come in for treatments using an injectable product called Restylane. This product has been proven safe and effective as a result of years of testing and clinical trials.

Restylane: Impressive Wrinkle Reduction

Restylane is used to diminish a number of wrinkles and age lines in the skin. It corrects many moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds:

The Nasolabial Folds: Lines stretching diagonally from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth

Marionette Lines: Lines stretching down from the corners of the mouth

Parentheses Lines: Lines framing the corners of the mouth

Smoker’s Lines: Vertical lines around the lips

How Does Restylane Work?

Restylane is a clear gel formulation of non-animal-sourced hyaluronic acid (HA). It is created to act like the body’s naturally produced HA, which is a substance present in the tissues. This substance attracts water molecules and binds to them, creating volume to plump the skin.

What to Expect During a Restylane Treatment

Restylane treatments start with marking of the targeted treatment areas. The Restylane injections are then carefully administered with the help of an ultrafine needle. Because the formulation contains lidocaine, a local anesthesia, the injections numb the treatment regions to pain and discomfort.

Typically, the procedure takes less than a half an hour to perform. After it is complete, you can return home or to work without any need for downtime.

Benefits of Restylane

Restylane offers a number of benefits:

• The effects of a Restylane treatment remain for up to 18 months, much longer than many other injectables. Because every patient’s metabolism is different, duration of results will vary. After its benefits have worn off, you can return for follow-up treatments.

• Restylane rarely causes any allergic reactions, since it is made using bacteria proteins as opposed to animal proteins.

• There is no need for a skin allergy test, which would take weeks.

• Restylane creates natural fullness without any hardness or lumps and provides significant volume.

• Unlike surgery, the treatment does not require recovery time. This means that busy professionals can return to work immediately without being sidetracked by weeks of downtime.

Look More Youthful

Restylane has the power to take years off of the face by increasing the skin’s volume. It corrects facial imperfections and restores a more youthful look to the face, making Restylane a very popular choice for wrinkle removal.

Dr. Anita Mandal is a well-respected board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience as an injector. To experience the benefits of Restylane for yourself, contact us to schedule your consultation. During a consultation, Dr. Mandal will answer your questions, show you before-and-after photos, and walk you through the procedure.

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