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Local Anesthesia: Our Preferred Option

At Mandal Plastic Surgery, we perform procedures using many different anesthesia options, including local, general, IV sedation, and twilight. For a number of reasons, our preferred type is local anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is suitable for most of the facial-rejuvenation procedures we offer, including eye lifts and facelifts.

What Is Local Anesthesia?

Historically, cocaine was the drug that was used to induce anesthesia. However, cocaine is no longer used for obvious reasons. Today’s modern anesthetics are still derived from cocaine but are much safer and are widely used. Most of the names of anesthetics end in “caine,” and lidocaine is typically used for local anesthesia in surgical procedures.

Of the various anesthetic options, lidocaine is considered one of the safest anesthetics and is used commonly for most types of procedures. In some cases, lidocaine is given along with epinephrine to prevent any risk of bleeding.

Lidocaine produces a numbing effect within three to four minutes, and its effect lasts for around half an hour to a maximum of four hours.

How Does Local Anesthesia Work?

Anesthesia works by acting on the nociceptors, which are the pain receptors in the body. They block nerve impulses so that they do not travel to the brain.

Local anesthesia numbs an area to eliminate all sensation, making it so no pain is felt. This is different from general anesthesia, where the patient is rendered unconscious and thus feels no pain.

Administering Local Anesthesia

Local anesthetic is administered a few minutes before carrying out a procedure. The amount or dosage of the anesthetic depends on the type of procedure and the patient’s age, weight, and height. In some cases, Dr. Mandal may instruct the patient to avoid certain medications and to not to eat anything just before the surgery.

Local anesthesia is usually administered to the area that needs to be numbed in the form of an injection. Depending on the type of procedure and the area where it is being performed, more than one injection may need to be given.

Once the anesthetic is administered, the area becomes numb and the patient does not feel any sensation. Dr. Mandal will not carry out the procedure until the anesthetic takes effect. If the patient does not experience numbness, the anesthetic may be applied again.

During the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain. The numb sensation remains for some time, even after the completion of the operation. The only time any pain is felt is when the needle is inserted for the injection of the anesthetic, and this is quite minor.

Why Do We Prefer Local Anesthesia?

The safety of local anesthesia is the main reason why it is our preferred option. General anesthesia has the potential to result in a number of side effects, like nausea, urinary issues, and in rare cases even death. Using local anesthesia avoids these side effects.

Local anesthesia wears off more quickly after a procedure than general anesthesia. General anesthesia requires a person to arrange for a ride home after procedures, whereas local anesthesia may not always require this. Local anesthesia is also less expensive for a patient than general anesthesia.

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