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"For the first time in my life, I do not have bags under my eyes. I am thrilled I am thrilled with the results..."

-LH, West Palm Beach

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A Chemical Peel Gives You Smoother Skin

Having younger-looking skin would be a dream come true. It takes patience and cutting back on smoking, junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle to get better-looking skin.

Unfortunately, not many of us have it in us to follow a strict routine, and so the sags and creases have a tendency of creeping up sooner than later. As a result, we end up with marks on our skin, making us look older than we actually are.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, we have the choice to come in for skin treatments to heal and rejuvenate our skin. One option, a chemical peel, is a non-surgical treatment that can address multiple skin issues simultaneously.

Choosing the Best Peel for Your Skin

During a consultation at our office, we will perform an examination to determine the best peel option for you. The extent of your skin issues will be taken into account, as will numerous other factors.

A chemical peel has any of these components: alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), phenol, and trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Any of these can be used on the skin as an exfoliator to effectively erase damage.

Rough or Sunburnt Skin

The elements can take a visible toll on the skin. If you have rough, worn skin from overexposure to the sun, you definitely need a peel. The uneven skin tone that results from the sun’s rays is reduced completely with the right chemical peel treatment.

Dark spots that appear out of nowhere on the skin, also known as age spots, can also be eliminated with this treatment. The spots fade away after the peel and make you look your age or younger instead of older than you really are.

Superficial Peels

A superficial chemical peel has been known to cut back on the aging process and can be repeated quite often. Many people prefer this as an option, as it does not require a great deal of recovery time. It’s quite convenient, and after the treatment, you can go back to your workday.

The Treatment

The chemical peel is applied onto the skin and is then given time to soak into the layers. Your peel will rejuvenate the areas that need smoothing out, and the dried and troubled epidermis will be erased in favor of younger-looking texture under the skin.

After the peel, you must make sure that you use proper sunscreen or lotion with the right SPF (sun protection factor). Protecting your skin will be vital as it heals, and once healing is complete, it’s the best way to keep your results looking beautiful.

Scheduling a Consultation to Learn More

A chemical peel requires the expertise of an experienced medical professional to analyze the skin and find a solution to its aesthetic issues. With the aid of Dr. Anita Mandal, an experienced and skilled board-certified facial plastic surgeon, you’ll be able to rejuvenate your skin safely for great results.

If you would like to arrange a chemical peel consultation at our office, simply contact us today and schedule your appointment.

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