Dr. Mandal offers photos for your viewing and encourages you to make an appointment for a consultation so she can learn your aesthetic surgical goals.

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"For the first time in my life, I do not have bags under my eyes. I am thrilled I am thrilled with the results..."

-LH, West Palm Beach

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Palm Beach Gardens Plastic Surgery Consultation

Your Facial Consultation

Dr. Mandal’s consultation is designed to educate you rather than convince you to have surgery. We appreciate that meeting a plastic surgeon for the first time can be somewhat intimidating, particularly when it comes to your face. Dr. Mandal’s feels that each of her patients as a unique and she tailors her advice to your individual needs and lifestyle.

The consultation is designed to educate you rather than convince you to have surgery. Dr. Mandal believes that educated patients make well informed decisions.

When you first arrive to our office, you are greeted by our receptionist. Prior to your consultation with Dr. Anita Mandal, you are asked to complete the required new patient paperwork which typically takes 5-10 minutes. Please bring your drivers license or passport so that we may take a copy to protect your patient privacy and identity as required by the patient privacy laws.

Once your paperwork is complete, you meet directly with Dr. Mandal, typically for 45-50 minutes. During your confidential consultation, Dr. Mandal discusses your concerns, reviews your options and makes recommendations. Because she offers comprehensive facial consultations, Dr. Mandal encourages you to discuss all of your cosmetic facial concerns. You then have the opportunity to discuss the procedure(s), alternatives, benefits, risks, and realistic expectations which are an essential part of a successful outcome. A photo gallery of before and after results is also available to view most of our procedures. Towards the end of your consultation, a quote sheet with fees discussed is provided. Additionally, patient references are usually available to enable you to directly speak with several of our patients who can share their personal experiences.

Our Follow Up

Dr. Mandal wants you to feel totally comfortable in you selection of a physician. She wants you to be sure that you have all the necessary information to allow you to make a well informed decision that is best for you. We recognize that patients often think of additional questions days after their consultation. Typically, we make a follow up call to you within a week of your consultation. If necessary, Dr. Mandal may invite you for a second consultation by phone or in person.

Its important to recognize that cosmetic enhancement is a process with the consultation being only the first step. Once you decide on a procedure, we then proceed with a step by step process so that you know what to expect. Some of the steps involved include scheduling your procedure(s), notifying you of any deposits that are required and providing you with the necessary pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions. You will also receive prescriptions for any medications and lab tests. At each step, you will be further educated to help you develop as accurate of a set of expectations as possible prior to undergoing your procedure(s).

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